1) Do I Require Internet Access To Use Uwanxt Devices?

Yes, you will be able to access Uwanxt devices with an active internet connection.

2) Can I install the device on my own?

Yes, with the help of DIY Videos available on our YouTube channel and Instruction Manual, you can install the device on your own. However, installation by an expert electrician is recommended.

3) Where can I find the Instruction Manual?

The Instruction Manual is provided in the Box or you can download the Uwanxt App from Play Store and Access the Instruction Manual Digitally. The same is also available on the below link

4) Do I Need To Change The Existing Wiring?

No, Uwanxt does not require any change in existing wiring or any additional wiring.

5) Do I Need To Change My Existing Switchboards?

No, Uwanxt is a retrofittable solution and does not require any change in your existing switchboards.

6) Will My Existing Switchboard Work After The Installation?

Yes, Uwanxt works in parallel with the existing traditional system. Thus, allowing you to control your switches manually as well as through the Uwanxt app.

7) Will the connected devices slow down my internet connection?

No, Uwanxt device use a lightweight messaging protocol that work on low bandwidth, so it would not slow down your internet connection.

8) What if the speed of my internet connection is slow, will I still be able to operate my switchboards through the app?

Yes, as the Uwanxt devices can work on low bandwidth so a slow internet connection will not stop you from operating the device. The only requirement is that you should have a stable internet connection.

9) Can I control my switchboards from outside my home?

Yes, you can control your switchboards from anywhere in the world the only requirement is you should have an active internet connection on your phone & at your home.

10) Is the Uwanxt app Paid?

No, the Uwanxt app is absolutely free.

11) How can I download the app?

You can download the app from below links,
For Android –
For iOS –

12) Can I share the access of my devices with my friends & family?

Yes, you can share the access of your devices up to maximum of 5 people having Uwanxt app.

13) What if I change the password for my router?

In that case you need to reconfigure your devices with new Wi-Fi credentials by using the Reset button with the device. For more information you can refer the instruction manual.

14) How do I re-configure my device?

Turn on/off any connected switch rapidly more than 5 times to enter in configuration mode.

15) What if my Uwanxt device stops functioning?

We provide 2 Year replacement warranty for all our devices. You can visit for more information on how to claim the warranty.

16) Is there any requirement of any central hub?

No, Uwanxt devices work without any requirement of a central hub and connect directly with your Wi-Fi router.

17) Can I relocate my devices?

Yes, as there is no dependency on central hub, so each device works individually. Accordingly you can relocate even a single device anytime as per your requirement.

18) Can I use my device with AC or Geyser?

Yes, we have a heavy load Smart Home Kit, UXN-01P specially designed to automate heavy load appliances like AC, Geyser, and Heaters etc.

19) What will happen to the appliances after a power outage?

Uwanxt devices are smart and save your every action locally, so when there will be a power outage, the appliances will remain in the same state as they were before the power outage.

20) Does Uwanxt Smart Home Kit Supports voice command?

Yes, it works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.