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  1. I am unable to switch On/Off appliances through the Uwanxt App.
  2. a. First, check for your internet connection on the Smartphone.

    b. Please update the Uwanxt App.

    c. Please ensure that all the buttons on your switchboard are switched “Off”.

    d. Please Press the “Reset” Button on the button strip of the device through which you are unable to control the appliances, this will reboot the Uwanxt device and wait for the blue light to get stable.

    e. Check the status of the blue light with the device on the button strip

    i. If Blinking

    1. Fast – This means the device is not configured, please refer the installation manual provided with the device or visit help section in the Uwanxt App and configure the device.
    2. Slow – This means that the device is connected with the Wi-Fi router but has no active internet connection. So please check with your Internet Service provider. In case, the internet connection is active, and the light is still blinking slowly, then please contact our customer support for more information.

    ii. If Off – This has four possible scenarios

    1. Wi-Fi modem is not powered on or the device is not in the range of Wi-Fi signal.
    2. You have configured the device with a wrong Wi-Fi password, so kindly reset the device and reconfigure with a correct Wi-Fi password as per the steps in instruction manual.
    3. The Red Module is not connected with electricity through black module. So please check the connections.
    4. If all the above points are resolved and the blue light is still off then please contact customer support for more information.

    iii. If Stable

    1. Check the wiring connection with the device and ensure that all the connections are as per the instruction manual provided by consulting with the installation person.
    2. If there is no issue with the wiring and the blue light is stable and you’re still unable to control the appliances, please contact customer support for more information.
  3. My appliances were switched “On” from the app and I have no internet connection/no access to Uwanxt app and now I want to turn off the appliances In an unlikely event of this nature, Uwanxt has provided an additional feature in the form of a “Function button” through which you can turn off all the devices on the switchboard with a Single Press of this button.
  4. I changed my Wi-Fi router password and now I am unable to control my appliances. Please refer help section on the App and go to the “Reset Password” section to reconfigure the Uwanxt device(s) with the new password.
  5. I want to relocate the device.
  6. If you have basic knowledge of electrical boards and supplies, you can disconnect the Uwanxt device from the switchboards although disconnection of the devices is strongly recommended by an expert electrician.

    a. Once you have disconnected all the components, now you can refer the installation manual to re-install the Uwanxt device to new location.

    b. In case you are using the same Wi-Fi router, with no change in password, you can skip the configuration section in the Installation manual.

    c. In case you are using a new Wi-Fi router, then Press & Hold the “Function” Button for 4 Seconds and wait for the blue light to start blinking fast. Now follow the steps mentioned in the configuration section on the Installation Manual